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Mystery Bags! These blind bags are great for gifts and are standard/collector grade pins at a discount! This series of mystery bags contain random items from my store ranging from pins to washi tape to keychains!

Bags of 5 and 10 items guarantee you a non-pin item.

You may receive repeats when you order more than two sets. No trades or exchanges are allowed.


Pins Available:

  • SEIMEI Omamori Keychain*
  • Victim of Hanyuism (Purple/Black)
  • Purple Pants of Sin pin
  • Romeo and Juliet 2.0 costume pin
  • All SEIMEI costumes pin
  • Notte Stellata costume pin 
  • Ballade 2016 costume pin*
  • Ballade 2015 costume pin
  • Ballade 2018 costume pin
  • Hana Ni Nare costume pin
  • POTO costume pin
  • Zieg costume pin
  • Notre Dame costume pin
  • LGC costume pin
  • H&L costume pin
  • Masquerade costume pin
  • Man of La Mancha costume pin
  • All Origin and Otonal costume pins
  • Yuzu Flowercrown pin
  • Yuzu Bees Are Very Cute Shaker Keychain
  • Gold Foil Swan Washi Tape
  • Figure Skating Footwork Washi Tape
  • Stingray Washi Tape
  • Sweet Skating Lanyards
  • All boardfiller sets


About Grades:

Collector's Grade - Good for people who like to collect pins! Great display pieces free of any major defects but may contain tiny superficial ones.

Jacket-Ready - Meant for people who would like to wear their pins. These pins have no major visual defects but may have stray glitter pieces or minimal light dents in the enamel/epoxy visible under angled light, light scratches and tiny dents.

B/C-Grades - For the budget collector. Major defects such as visible dents in the enamel, missing enamel, miscoloured enamel and deep scratches on the pin. Not for the fussy buyer but great for people on a budget. 


I ship worldwide!

  • Shipping is UNTRACKED by default, meaning there is NO TRACKING NUMBER.
  • I will NOT replace or refund any packages lost or stolen or delayed during shipping.
  • Please purchase the TRACKED SHIPPING UPGRADE at checkout for an additional $3.60SGD.
  • Compulsory tracked shipping for customers in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

By purchasing this pin, you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

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