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常规价格 $1.00


My gift box service will package and ship your pins in an elegant way, perfect for any occasion. You can even add the name of the sender and receiver on the card!


    [PLEASE READ] Important things to note:

    • One box can fit a maximum of 4 pins.
    • PLEASE specify which pins go into the gift box. If unspecified, I will assume that all pins will go into the gift box.
    • One large envelope fits one box perfectly.
    • If you are purchasing multiple boxes and sending them to different places, please check them out individually.
    • If your order is urgent, please contact me for express shipping rates.


    Item Specs:

    • 1x 10cmx10cm Kraft Paper Box
    • Twine
    • Shredded Paper/Tinsel*
    • Wax stamp

    *Depending on availability 


    I ship worldwide!

    • I will NOT replace or refund any packages lost or stolen or delayed during shipping.
    • Please purchase the TRACKED SHIPPING UPGRADE at checkout for an additional $3.60SGD.
    • Compulsory tracked shipping for customers in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

    By purchasing this pin, you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.